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The Magic in Fire - Book Tour and Giveaway


The Magic in Fire
Genre: Fantasy Anthology
with stories by
Victoria Young, Dragonness Wyverna, A. H. Serrano, L. R. Huseboe, Kieran McKiel,
A. A. Warne, R. A. Darlinge, Aörali Eden, B. R. Storm, Ilona Krueger,
Serena Dawson, Michelle Crow, J. T. Moriarty


Twelve stories - Thirteen authors.
One theme - The Magic in Fire.


Victoria Young - The Doll Boutique
There’s nothing healthy about a tan – Melinda had heard the warnings and frankly, being stuck in a cramped white coffin was not her idea of fun. But when she wakes from the solarium bed in a dusty prison cell, Melinda realises she’s gotten herself into a tighter spot than she expected.

Dragonness Wyverna - Fire Under Water
Humans have come to the desert, and with them comes death. The oasis has been an indestructible black rock and shelter for the Desharihn fire sprites for generations. But when a band of humans arrive to mine the rock, it is up to Fia, the last Rahar sprite, to save the tribe from the humans’ immutable greed.

A. H. Serrano - Conviction by Fire
Blessed with the power of fire, Lhii Fuéra’s duty is to protect, but in the aftermath of a murder, she’s the one placed on trial. As the daughter of a great general, Lhii soon realizes that justice matters little among the powerful, and she’s faced with a choice: Become the victim or blame the victim.

L. R. Huseboe - Flames of Green
Jaer and his Knight Commander Kae, wander the thick forest in search of information about their missing spy. What they found was a battle against their century-long enemy, the Shaedyn. Will they prevail or face the same unknown fate?

Kieran McKiel - Hummingbird
Far from home and missing his love, Marco is fighting a war to end all wars. When hope seems lost, a strange entity appears with an offer to help him survive.

A. A. Warne - The Masters of Fire
The Masters of Fire were once a powerful brotherhood, but now only two of their brothers remain in the free world. Will they be strong enough to liberate their kin from the clutches of the Mad King? Or will an uncomfortable truth unravel their master plan?

B. R. Storm The Harbinger
Since the beginning of Earth, Watcher has been tethered to immortality, waiting for the final soul to depart. The day finally comes and Watcher prepares for rest, but he’s confronted by the bringer of apocalyptic carnage.

Ilona Krueger - Song of my Soul
Always the realist, Felicity does not entertain anything that is unscientifically based. Her clinical assertions leave no room for magic and imagination. It is said, however, that Pride goes before a fall. And fall, she does. Is there salvation from the pit? Does she rise from the ashes? Is there hope for a new understanding?

Serena Dawson - A Spark of Courage
Prince Zabriel’s fire magic is weak, but Princess Maniela’s will to defy their cruel father is strong. Zabriel agrees to help his sister, and she leads them into a battle that will determine the fate and future of their kingdom.

Michelle Crow The Flame
When Momma Courtney shows up on Prudence's doorstep and draws magical wards to protect the house from an impending attack; Prudence's reality is thrown into chaos as she discovers she's the last Flame Keeper. Now with the entire village's lives in her hands, can she save them from the body-snatching Ifrits with her untrained powers?

J. T. Moriarty - Petals of Autumn
As the legendary dragon, Flallemin, sets its sights on Goblin Birchwoods, Wedina has an impossible challenge: train the entire tribe. While there are plenty of shields, there’s only one sword and Wedina knows it’ll take more than might to deal with the hungry dragon.

Also featuring:
R. A. Darlinge & Aörali Eden - Fated Shadows

    What do you do to unwind and relax?

Adryanna - Turn on the TV for background noise and read! You could also interpret “read” as “scroll through all my social media”… But it depends on the day.

Amanda - Don’t laugh but the kids got me into Fortnite, so I like to turn into the Terminator and go into a virtual assassination rampage. Ha! I also do the normal stuff, stream some television, read in the bath, listen to relaxing music.

Brandon - In the mornings, I’ll sit outside until it’s too hot, drinking coffee, writing, and watching the dogs or chickens play. When it comes to evenings after work, the wife and I veg-out on the couch and watch YouTube channels. If I ever get a full day, I’ll either try to get out and go somewhere, anywhere, or I’ll clear off the dining table and marathon a 1000+-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Brittany - My first thought is art. Drawing is very relaxing for me. I also love yoga and meditation. It's hard to really relax but aside from a hot and yoga are the most effective for me.

Debi - I have a bunch of ways to relax, so it really depends on my mood. I love to read YA fantasy and draw, but when I want to go brainless, I turn on Netflix and play Age of Empires (using cheat codes so I can sic my tank on the enemy monks).

Ilona - I like to go out and have a coffee, and sometimes to look at vintage, historical or surreal pictures on the computer or in books. Or perhaps do some embroidery. Or go for a drive to see rivers, mountains and fields. When I was working full time, I always said I wanted to see a bit of ‘green’ on the weekends. The carpet in my classroom was green but that was definitely not what I meant.

Jay - I waste a lot of time on unrelaxing time wasters, like YouTube zombie watching. I’ll think I want to watch so and so play Super Mario Maker, but then 10 videos later I’m more tired then when I started, and I would really have preferred to read more Belgariad. I relax by turning off all the electronics I have, and a cup of tea, and a book. But I mean a GOOD book, it can’t be anything. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will work every time I really need to destress.

Kieran - Video games, reading, movies, YouTube, long walks around the neighborhood.

Laura - I sit down, turn some easy music on, and let my mind drift. I also enjoy taking my new pup out for a walk around the neighborhood when the weather is nice, and it’s even better when my husband can come with us.

Serena - Spending time with my bonsai is one of my favorites. I also love to read, obviously. And my art, while a different creative outlet, can be very relaxing. Walking has always been a great pleasure of mine. Exploring the countryside and hanging out with trees is great for letting go of stress.

Vicky - Writing is definitely a positive platform for me. Gardening, too. If I had more time, I’d be playing any Final Fantasy or Assassin’s Creed games. I usually have a headset glued to my ear for podcasts and audiobooks. I highly recommend Criminal, Science Vs and the Secret Room, if you need a new podcast to listen to.  

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