Sunday, January 31, 2021

Concrete Roses - Book Tour and Giveaway


Concrete Roses: Trampled
Book 1
by T.L. Pratcher
Genre: Inspirational Fiction

Dancing on a pole and prostituting herself is the only life twenty-something year old Tabitha “Tammy” Bordeaux knows. Turned out and put on display for men by her own mother at a young age, Tammy has learned how to master the sex game so she can provide a home for her two little girls.
When her pimp, Rooster, brings a new girl into what is known as the henhouse, and directs Tammy to “teach” her the ropes, things begin to change in Tammy’s life. One thing after another including a tragic death causes Tammy’s life to begin spiraling out of her control.
When she is faced with the possibility of losing her precious daughters to the system, Tammy realizes it’s time for a change and a new game plan. Will the unexpected help of a stranger be the thing to inject newfound hope in Tammy for her life and the life of her little girls or will she run to the arms of Rooster or some other pimp for salvation?
This urban tale will keep you turning the page with drama and excitement.

Concrete Roses: Revived
Book 2

Out of the frying pan and into the fire ….
Tammy and her girls barely escape life threatening snares in "Concrete Roses Trampled Book I," only to be caught in the iron clutches of danger again!
In "Concrete Roses Book II Revived," Tammy grapples to keep her family together under the menacing intimidation of pimp, Rooster and his main girl, Chica. Tammy's past life just will not leave her alone, as old friends reveal new plots and diabolical schemes that aim to destroy Tammy and all she holds dear.
But amid the chaos, new alliances are forged, and hope emerges!

T.L. Pratcher is the author of a rising book series, "Concrete Roses Trampled" and "Concrete Roses Revived."
 Through compelling story-telling, T.L. inspires her audiences to see the best in themselves and others. She shares timeless truths and principles that she used turn the grit and grime of her worst mistakes into the mortar that built a stable and healthy life for herself and family.
 From Junior High School Drop-out to College Graduate and beyond, T.L. embodies a spirit of resilience that will spur your group to the next level.
 It's time for your group to write a new chapter, invite T.L. to share at your next event. Let Her story inspire the next chapter in yours!

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